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Looking after your daily systems operations


Wherever we look today, things have to be done better and faster. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to get more from their systems, which consequently increases the demand on employees. To help you stay ahead, our Operational Services assists you in the areas of building automation, security and safety.


Skilled employees are one of the critical factors behind the success of any business. We can give you direct and immediate access to our qualified specialists to either support your operational staff or operate the systems directly. In this way, you can be sure that your daily operations continue to run seamlessly and on time.

Alternatively, we can take care of the complete outsourcing of all - or major - security functions: from planning and building to maintaining, operating and financing comprehensive security solutions.

We also monitor and analyse your system's performance through periodic status reports that identify areas that can be further optimised. For example, implementing these measures in building automation can result in reduced operational costs and increased efficiency.



We offer:

Support for your staff or direct operation of your systems
Monitoring and analysis of your systems' performance


Customer benefits include:

The freedom to take care of your core business and let
Siemens take care of the rest
Support for your operational staff
Greater efficiency
Reduced operational costs

Our Case

Instrumentation used to measure characteristics of fine particles entrained in gas or suspended in aerosols provides information needed to develop valid regulations for emission sources and to support the design of control technologies...

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