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Energy Optimisation Services monitors, analyses and optimises the energy consumption of your building without compromising on comfort, helping you achieve energy savings and minimise environmental impact.

We support you in implementing energy optimisation measures, which reduce energy costs and minimise environmental impact. While little or no fixed investment is required 10 - 15% energy savings can usually be achieved. By reinvesting these energy cost savings into modernisation, you can secure the value of your assets. Hence high performance today ensures you are prepared for tomorrow.

Realising a sustainable energy optimisation process without compromising on comfort is dependent on transparent and high quality information. Energy Monitoring gives you invaluable insight into your energy consumption and performance, while Energy Analysis helps identify potential for savings. An energy optimisation plan is developed in partnership, driven by your unique needs and requirements.

We offer

Energy Monitoring
Energy Analysis
Energy Optimisation

Customer benefits include:

Reduce energy and operational costs
Consistent comfort levels in the workplace
Improved reliability and efficiency
Extended life span of technical facilities
Additional skills sets for your operational staff
Increased transparency that facilitates sustainable management decisions
Reduced impact on the environment

Our Case

Instrumentation used to measure characteristics of fine particles entrained in gas or suspended in aerosols provides information needed to develop valid regulations for emission sources and to support the design of control technologies...

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