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Working together so you can benefit from modern building, fire and security systems, today and tomorrow


We keep your systems up to date and performing at their peak with Life Cycle Management.

In today's fast-paced world, technology is constantly changing and with it, your infrastructure requirements - the backbone of all your operations. We have developed a portfolio of compatible solutions and services aimed at supporting the entire lifecycle of your system. With these we deliver technology strategies and system software that ensure your infrastructure incorporates the latest in fire safety, security systems, building automation and climate control.

The security of your assets and information can sometimes mean the difference between your business being competitive or not. Make sure that your system is kept up to date and your resources are safe from unauthorised access through Siemens Life Cycle Management.


Modernisation results in increased functionality and performance. One solution is our step-by-step migration approach, tailored precisely to your needs, allowing you to modernise according to your planned capital expenditure. Typically, overall cost savings can be achieved compared to full system replacements.


We offer migration from your older system to a newer, more efficient and effective system.


Customer benefits include:

Peak performance of your systems
Minimised running costs
Maximised business profitability
Security for your assets and information

Our Case

Instrumentation used to measure characteristics of fine particles entrained in gas or suspended in aerosols provides information needed to develop valid regulations for emission sources and to support the design of control technologies...

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